VINCI will host Karma Head’s analog-digital collection release

London-based music artist Karma Head will launch a 12-piece collection on the VINCI platform, coupled with her latest album “Plastic World”

Aug 20, 2022

The London-based rocker will launch a 12-piece collection on the VINCI platform, coupled with her latest album “Plastic World”

As we announced last week, VINCI will host a game-changing digital collectible series for London-based indie rock artist Karma Head, to be released on December 16. This historic and transcendental collection–titled The Hybrid Collection and promoting her latest album “Plastic World”–will feature a mix between analog and digital collectibles, all made available for her fans and followers via the VINCI platform.

Besides showcasing the artistic talent and work that goes behind Karma Head’s musical style–as well as her current vision to bring analog rock into the digital world–this release will highlight the ways that VINCI’s Web3-based solutions empower artists to seek the true value of their creative output and community engagement.

Who is Karma Head?

Karma Head is a female musician, composer, and producer from London who creates a style of music she refers to as “analog rock”. Inspired by the analog-recording styles previously used (particularly in rock music), she uses “analog tape and hardware as a means of preserving the analog recording tradition.”

When she’s not working on writing and developing music at her Post-Production Analog Studio (also known as the “Karma Head Headquarters”, and the home of all her albums), she tours with her 7-piece rock band. Most recently, she and her band performed at the Web3 event NFT.London, showcasing the band’s latest musical project.

This project, the reflectively rocking concept album “Plastic World,” expresses what she calls “the light and dark undercurrent of Modern Times.” Her howlingly hypnotizing vocals, thunderous guitar riffs, and neo-orchestral arrangements all blend together to deliver an electrifying concerto of social commentary and musical vibrance. As a musician, her background is based largely on jazz and classical music influences (and a long-held inclination for analog recording), a combination which shines on through her progressive-rock-style performances.

Karma Head working on her latest musical project, Plastic World.

Plastic World and the 12/12 Hybrid Collection

Her album “Plastic World” focuses on what she calls a “Spiritual Theme” and a “Rock Theme.” The Spiritual theme–deriving influence from the divine and transcendental–aims to explore “the underworld in subconscious form.” The Rock Theme “embodies consciousness of societal and cultural woes” via her band’s explosive and electric sound.

As the first musician to offer an analog album as a “Hybrid Digital Collectible,” Karma Head aims to make the cultural treasures of an analog past available in our digital future. The release of her 12/12 Hybrid Collection offers 12 different analog-digital collectibles made available side-by-side with the 12 songs featured in her latest album “Plastic World.”

Karma Head herself described the idea behind the creation of the album:

“I didn’t want to create a record that sounded the same as everything else… Everything you hear on the ‘Plastic World’ album was made organically with no edits, autotune or plug-ins. There’s something about analog that captures the artistry in a way like no other and that’s human spirit.”

Karma Head performs live with her band in England.

The Hybrid Collection includes various special unlocks–ranging from the analog to the digital. These include (but are not limited to) access to her latest album plus additional tracks, visual art, VIP access to concerts and digital experiences, complimentary vinyl press of “Plastic World,” and exclusive digital content.

In addition to these collectibles, Karma Head’s VINCI-powered release offers a royalty-like program for fans and community members looking to connect further with the musician. This includes:

Revenue returns for supportive fans: Airdropped 1% of the 2nd Plastic World Collection (in partnership with Decentraland and VINCI)

Sync & Streaming: 2% share in streaming royalties and 2% share in sync or publishing usage (for ads, TV, and film).

VINCI, Karma Head, and the future of Web3 solutions for artists

The innovation behind Karma Head’s artistic projects–her theme-oriented and rocking performances, her analog-recording style, and her genre-defying outlook on music–goes beyond a musical and artistic level: Karma Head aims to change the industry by using comprehensive and impactful Web3 solutions. We at VINCI recognize this innovative streak, and will fulfill Karma Head’s goals and aspirations to further connect to her audiences via her musical output.

As Karma Head put it during our recent VINCI Talks:

“When we joined forces with VINCI, something that struck us about the platform, and what makes them stand out, is their cultural view on how music can be progressive… and not just music, but all arts. And that was something we were struggling to find for quite some time in the Web3 space.”

As mentioned in previous pieces, the VINCI team offers a range of solutions that bring artists closer to their communities, maximizing engagement and creating fair monetization platforms (much unlike the ones that lead the culture industry today). VINCI Connect–a set of engagement and agent tools that let artists reward fans for their support–as well as the VINCI Store, both offer the necessary instruments for musicians like Karma Head to earn the true and full value of her art.

This partnership between VINCI and Karma Head stands as not only a step forward for Web3 tech into significant change for the culture industry, but also as a symbol of the empowerment we give artists with our comprehensive solutions. We are excited to witness the success of this project (and others like it in the near future), and to showcase how the transparent and open nature of Web3 can bring for today’s artists, musicians, and their communities.

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